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Welcome from The Garner family

My name is Sharon, and I am the Director of Spanish Property Choice Real Estate based in Almeria, Spain. Possibly better known, as Momma G, of The Garners of Channel 4, Sun Sea and Selling Houses.

The TV show follows the day to day running of our family business, Spanish Property Choice S.L. You also get to see a little family fun along the way. Our clients, followers and fans tell us that our family are now a household name in Spanish Real Estate. Are we? Maybe we are, maybe we are not. However, we are proud to say that we do run a very successful family real estate agency here in Spain. A true family affair, myself, husband Steve, daughter Emma, son Shaun and Son in law Matt.

We have offices in Mojacar, Albox and Huercal. Our staff are an extended part of the Garner family. Keeping it real is important to us, and what people see is what they get. We love what we do best, selling houses. For me, I love to fluff a cushion or twenty and love a good snoop around houses to gain inspiration to pass onto other clients. This of course helps when it comes to advising our vendors how to present a house for sale. Seeing first hand what can be done to a property, helps our house hunters also. Anyone who knows me, knocking a wall down or two is normal in my world.

So why am I starting a Blog?

We are blessed to have a wonderful social media following for us, on both the TV show and our agency Spanish Property Choice. Over the years though, it has been a common theme that our followers and clients have said to me “have you thought of doing a Blog?”. Now, I am not going to lie, my normal response is what on earth is a Blog?. Not knowing really what to do, advice has been, Just be me, share our family journey and expand on what you see our family and team of Spanish Property Choice do on TV.

OK, sharing with you all what we do daily, Yup I can do that. So let us do this – I will start by saying “Welcome all of you to my first Blog”. “Thank you for joining me, my family and our agency, Spanish Property Choice, as we take our next step to who knows where. I hope that you think it is fun, knowledgable, honest and inspiring along the way”. 

The start of our family journey

The Garner family have first-hand experience of moving to a new country with a young family. We are fully aware of the Pros and Cons after living and working here for the past 18 years. I will share the Pros and Cons with you in future Blogs. Life works in mysterious ways and things do not always turn out the way we think, good or bad.

Although Steve and I always had a dream to move to Spain, the plan was originally to semi-retire. In the UK, I not only owned a busy floristry business but managed a large company. I would get up at 2am, be at market for 3am. Then off to the shop to bucket and prepare for the day and then head off to do a day’s work, to then return to the shop to complete orders. “My Rock” Steve always supported me. He was a manager of a large company in Wolverhampton, but also accompanied me to market. So we both worked our butts off, 7 days a week to be honest, to secure a stable life for our family.

Moving to Spain

Ultimately, moving to Spain was our reward for all the hard work both of us had put into building a life together and for our family. We wanted a better life and more quality time with our children, Shaun and Emma.

Talk about what is meant to be, is meant to be and being in the right place at the right time!

When we decided it was time to take the big step after a close bereavement shook my world, everything just fell into place. Steve and I visited Almeria and to cut a long story short, we found the house we now live in. We came out on a viewing trip, which is a story all by itself and I will address this in another post, coming soon. After selling houses here in Spain for the past 18 years, viewing trips are not number 1 on my list. I do have reasons for that, which I will share with you.

So when we found our dream home in the sun, we had not even listed our property on the market in the UK. After returning from our trip full of excitement and expectancy, we sold our house, business and gave up our jobs. Our family then moved lock, stock and barrel to Spain, within 5 weeks, yes we completed in 5 weeks.

Stand on the land and get the Shazza Tingle

I am not going to say that both Steve and I were not scared about the decision we made, it was frightening to say the least. We were filled with hopes and dreams. When we first met each other, which was way back in 1980, we always had a goal. We talked about what we both wanted in life. We worked hard to reach each goal, but moving to Spain was always at the top of the list.

Now we were here. I could feel the sun on my face and smell the clean air, Almeria has some of the cleanest air in Europe. If you watch Sun Sea and Selling Houses, you will already know one of my catchphrases is “You have to stand on the land”. You may also know my other is “The Shazza Tingle” and I was experiencing both.


No regrets and no going back

I can honestly say, in the 18 years we have lived here, neither of us have ever regretted moving to Spain. Emma met her husband (Our son-in-law Matt) not long after moving here, and we have 2 beautiful grandchildren. They are now both at school and have an amazing life.

Shaun, our son, who was only 14 years old when we arrived here in Spain and completed his schooling here. He is now happily married and has helped our family integrate and be part of a warm Spanish family and culture.

Do it right or go home

Becoming one of the leading real estate agencies in Almeria was never part of our plan. However, meeting a wonderful father and son Spanish agent here, opened up a world of opportunities for us. Of course, neither of us ever dreamed of such opportunities. Moving to a new country, opening a business and end up being part of a popular TV show. Sounds idyllic, and it was a great opportunity for sure, but Steve and I had to work hard at it. No one has ever given us anything, and we have never asked for anything. All we do and have achieved, Steve and I have done together.

Initially, of course, we were novices to the Spanish Real Estate market and had a lot to learn. I would now call it very naive to be honest. You know the old saying


As the new kids on the block, OK keeping it real, middle-aged biddies is closer to the truth. Boy did we go through a quick learning curve. The area of Almeria was not affectionately known as cowboy land just because Clint Eastwood had made films here. We quickly made a decision that if we were going to do this, we would do it the right way. We set out to set the bar high, and I don’t mean the Limbo bar you wiggle your way under, I am talking more like the pole volt bar.

Spanish Property Choice – Our families future

Steve and I opened our first office, Spanish Property Choice in Mojacar in 2007. We then embarked on learning and implementing the new Spanish Law Decree 218/2005 which had just come into force. It made boring reading to be honest and many obstacles were thrown at us. It is true to say that we made a few waves along the way. Let’s face it, no one likes change, and we were rocking the boat by doing things the right way.


Over the past 16 years, Spanish Property Choice have built a reputation as the go-to agent. Our company strap line is “Our reputation is your guarantee”. This reputation secured our family business a key part in what was a new TV, observational documentary, on Channel 4, in 2016. The series now in its 8th year, continues to follow the life of The Garner family and Spanish Property Choice.

So much more to come – So watch this space

I hope you have enjoyed the ride so far. So what happened next?. If you would like to hear more about our journey and how we came to be part of Sun Sea and Selling Houses. Watch this space.

Make memories – Take the first step – Be happy – Stay tuned – Keep it real – Just be you

Viva España

Sharon 🙂

66 responses to “Garner-ing the Dream – Sun, Sea and Selling Houses with Spanish Property Choice”

  1. Jackie Clarke avatar
    Jackie Clarke

    What a fantastic story. I must admit I find you and your family so lovely. I like people who are what you see is what you get and I don’t know you at all but feel that you and your family are just that. Funnily enough we are similar in age and how long we have been married and it’s only now I’m older I wish I’d had the guts to do something “outside the box”. Keep doing what you do!!

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for joining our new blogging family, Jackie, and for your kind words, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I think we all wish now we are older and wiser that we could go back a few years. The old saying, if we knew then what we know now, comes to mind 😉

      1. Jackie Clarke avatar
        Jackie Clarke

        That is very true!!

  2. Lesley Dolinska avatar
    Lesley Dolinska

    We love your new blog we love your story, you & Steve are such an inspiration. Sun Sea & Selling Houses would not be the same without the Garner family, you are all so natural & normal with some very funny quips between you & Shaun , he’s brilliant ⭐️ We live a great life here on the Orihuela Costa after working hard all our lives, with challenges on the way, we feel very blessed. Hard work is the key to a happy retirement which all our family can enjoy on their many visits 🥰 We’re looking forward to the next series & your continued blogs ……well done x

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Aww, thank you so much Lesley for your lovely message, we really do appreciate you watching and for your support x

  3. Christine Busst avatar
    Christine Busst

    Thank you for telling us your story Sharon, love reading about your journey, admire so much what you did and look forward to the next bit xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for following us, Christine x

    2. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for your support Christine x

  4. sue rigg avatar
    sue rigg

    hi sharon enjoyed your first blog.(although im old school and have no idea on these.great to hear more of your spanish life and family.cant wait for next series(not too long i hope)regards to you all.x

  5. Dawn avatar

    Loved reading this & following your journey.
    Looking forward to the next instalment.
    I admit to being a bit jealous of the lovely life you have out there while stuck here in a miserable Manchester UK.

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for your kind words Dawn x

  6. Gail Styler avatar

    I love your story, I wish as you say I could turn the clock back, I dont regret the things we have done, but just might of made a few adjustments along the way differently. 66 still think one day I might live in Spain.

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for following us and for your support Gail x

  7. Christine Dunnett avatar
    Christine Dunnett

    Love reading how you started out, amazing story. Just with this & watching you on tv almost makes you friends even though I’ve never met you. Can’t wait to be in a position to buy a holiday home, wonder which agent I’ll go to 😉

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you Christine x

  8. Kkm Eastwell avatar
    Kkm Eastwell


  9. Jill avatar

    Hi Sharon.

    I love watching the show . Its great to read your blog and learn the history about your move to Soain . Looking forward to learning more about you and your lovely family x ❤️

  10. Cheryl Hodgetts avatar
    Cheryl Hodgetts

    Loved reading this Sharon , we all really enjoy watching you Steve and Shaun and seeing you make people’s dreams of moving to Spain become reality 🥰. I get so emotional sometimes just seeing how much it means to your house hunters , its just wonderful ❤️.
    I will look forward to reading your blog ( must admit I didn’t know what one was either! 🤣) and can’t wait until you’re back on the telly 😍. Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying life in the sun …we have rain and wind here.. not jealous at all 🤣. Thank you for making us smile and brightening our days . Love to you all xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you so much for your very kind words Cherly, our family really do appreciate it x

  11. Billie low-blythe avatar
    Billie low-blythe

    I’ve never read a blog before yours and so excited to read the 1st of many. My husband and I were going to move to Spain but kev(my husband) ended being taken ill. But he is well now and are still hoping an opportunity will arise for us. Your family, the program and all the stories you tell are still keeping our dream alive. God bless you and all your family. 🥰

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Aww thank you, Billie, for your very kind words x

  12. Barbara Cansell avatar
    Barbara Cansell

    Love the blog, it’s great to have an honest story rather than a highly edited version.

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for reading it Barbara and for your support x

  13. Vivienne Moor avatar
    Vivienne Moor

    Fantastic first blog Sharon, well done, looking forward to the next one. How exciting that you are now living your dream and sharing with us viewers, you all work so hard and deserve everything in making your business so successful. We used to own property in Turkey but sold it as our 2 daughters and families live in Cyprus so we get to travel over there several times a year. I still love watching your program and along with the other family (Linda, Manuel, Charlotte and Sophie) and can see us probably buying somewhere abroad again one day. Keep up the good work everyone xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Aww, thank you so much for reading it and for watching the show, we really do appreciate it x

  14. Julie southam avatar

    Hi Sharon so lovely reading your story can’t wait to take the next step on my new life in spain going to be in mojacar end of Oct so will be popping into the office there keep doing what your doing love ❤️ julie xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for reading it Julie, we look forward to meeting you x

  15. Alexis Mcintyre avatar
    Alexis Mcintyre

    Love watching the programme but have to say that the garners are my favourite family, have never read a blog before and enjoyed reading yours sharon, I would’ve loved to move to spain wish I had done it years ago, too old now, love holidaying to the costas and will continue as long as I’m able xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you so much Alexis x

  16. Helen Beresford avatar
    Helen Beresford

    Lovely to read your first blog cannot wait for the next part the same as cannot wait for the next TV series. Love to everyone Xx

  17. Lesley Roe avatar
    Lesley Roe

    Love watching your program and hearing news about you all.
    Reading your blog was interesting and amusing waiting for the next one to arrive. Seems like you did the right thing moving to Spain and it shows in the way you all are. You are a lovely family. Xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for supporting us x

  18. Sue avatar

    So lovely to read all about your journey Sharon and love all the series waiting for next one
    We trying to get out to see areas we are interested in but it’s all overwhelming not what and how long we can and cannot do nowadays.

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Lots of information on our website Sue to help or feel free to contact us and one of our team will talk you through it or send you all the info you need. Don’t let all you read drag you down, people are buying here every day, it is just finding the best way to do it that is right for you 🙂 x

  19. Andy Draper avatar

    I think I speak for everyone when Sharon & family appear on tv.Bringing sunshine on a cloudy day or when it’s freezing outside in the UK.Keep up the great work

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you, Andy, so kind of you to say, we very much appreciate the support 🙂

  20. Fiona avatar

    Love reading the new blog, watching you all on Sun Sea and Selling Houses. Your family are the reason we have kept watching the show, it wouldn’t be the same without you. You keep us all entertained and I must admit we are slightly jealous and envious of your fabulous lifestyle you have made for your family. Please keep doing all your doing, we love it xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you so much for your kind words Fiona, we really do appreciate it x

  21. Susan Dodd avatar
    Susan Dodd

    Thanks for your blog Sharon…it is so inspirational …I love what you have managed to achieve through your hard work and skills as a family ..looking forward to the next installment ! 🦋😀👍😎❤️

  22. Letitia Creaney avatar
    Letitia Creaney

    Our goal was also to sell up and retire to Spain. Unfortunately Brexit put a stop to that. We have followed you for a few years on Sun Sean and selling houses. You both work so very hard and have a lovely family. You can see the love both you and Steve have for each other just by the way you look at each other. Can’t wait for the rest of your story

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for your support and your lovely comments, Letitia 🙂

  23. Samantha Cormick avatar
    Samantha Cormick

    Oh I love watching the show and the family! I am an Aussie gal and my hubby a Brit. We currently live in Malaysia and would love to one day move to Spain. But for now it appears not to be so simple with visas etc! Working on it! Your show keeps my hopes and dreams alive!

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for watching Samantha, we really do appreciate it 🙂

  24. Judith Wheeler avatar
    Judith Wheeler

    I’m so glad you’ve posted this blog and am looking forward to reading more of them

    You and your family are an inspiration to others of what can be achieved by hard work, determination and keeping a sense of humour, well done to you all and thank you for sharing your life with us

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for your kind words and support Judith x

  25. Karen Jones avatar
    Karen Jones

    Awww Sharon, what a fabulous blog 💕💕💕. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I just love your TV show and never miss it. My Husband and I would like to buy a property in Spain in the next couple of years and Spanish Property Choice will be our first ‘port of call’. Keep up the good work 👍

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you so much for reading it Karen and for your support x

  26. Karen avatar

    Loved reading your family journey and looking forward to the next series xx

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you so much for reading it Karen and for your support 🙂

  27. Kelly avatar

    What a wonderful story.

    My husband and I do enjoy watching the series and our plans are to buy in Spain in the near future.

    Once we are ready we will be touch because we can’t think of a more wonderful estate agents too help us find out Spainish home.

    Look forward to reading the next blog and take care all of you x

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you so much Kelly, we will be here to help when you are ready 🙂 x

  28. Judi avatar

    I love watching the show when your family are on, you make me giggle Sharon and you put your clients at ease, I love all the banter between you Steve and Shaun. Keep on doing what you are doing

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Aww, thank you Judi for watching and for your kind words x

  29. Susan Dean avatar
    Susan Dean

    Oh Shazza … what a great read and how brave of you all to take that leap of faith. LOVE watching you and the family on the TV show but I have to admit I’ve got a soft spot for Shaun 💋 keep up the great work and btw you are looking fab 💋❤️

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you for your support Susan x

  30. Kaz H avatar
    Kaz H

    Thank you for sharing even more of your family life and story with us. I suspect, like a lot of people, I wish I’d had the guts to grab those dreams of moving and living overseas. Have recently come back from a lovely few days visiting Murcia City and I’d get myself a little holiday place in Spain if my finances were different. Still, I’ll carry on with my Duolingo lessons, and daydreaming while watching the show, and one day maybe I’ll be able to get that little place.

    Todo lo mejor para ti y la familia x

    1. Sharon Garner avatar

      Thank you, Kaz, for your kind words and support x

  31. Iris McMorran avatar
    Iris McMorran

    I really enjoyed reading that Sharon and look forward to the next blog, wishing you Steve and family happiness and good health to continue to enjoy your happy life xx.

    1. Sharon Garner avatar
  32. Debbie avatar

    I’ve really enjoyed reading ur blog Sharon telling us how you and Steve started out alp those years ago . Also I love watching when ur on the TV you wear some lovely clothes Sharon and Steve and ur son look really smart when ur showing people round the properties. Look forward to seeing you all on the tv soon take care all of you.

  33. Irene avatar

    Thank you Sharon for sharing your story family with us all. My husband and I love watching your programme particularly as you look so like my best pal Bernadette. Like you, she is totally unique and so lovable. You are such an inspiration to so many people Sharon. I am looking forward to another series especially after a day of teaching seeing you all is so up-lifting. So happy that you are writing a blog as we now get to hear more from you. You are an incredible woman Sharon. I feel like so many others that I know you, Steve and Shaun. Take care. 😃

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